In Sardinian mythology the "breves" (or brebus) are words to be recited to remove negative energies, heal people and so on.

For us the "breves" are the questionnaires and their purpose is to keep the recruiters who make us waste time away.

Sardinian Mythology


It is a creature that would attack people in their sleep through nightmares (in Sardinian called ammuntadĂąras).


The Janas are the fairies and they lived in the Domus de Janas. It is said that they visited newborns at night, decreeing their future.


A woman dressed in black, with her face covered, who was responsible for bringing death to sick people by suffocating him with a pillow, or hitting him on the forehead with an olive stick (su matzolu) or behind the neck with a sharp blow. The most famous tool would be a kind of wooden hammer.

The practice was not to be paid by the relatives of the sick person as paying to give death was contrary to religious and superstitious dictates.

Caddos birdes

They were green horses, very rare and very difficult to spot. It is said that they had magical powers.


Mommotti (or Bobbotti) is associated with the black man, or with an evil ogre with the task of taking away children who do not behave well.


Cogas (or Bruxas) they are beings halfway between the witch and the vampire who sucked blood from babies. To avoid this, the parents placed a cane rod and a blessed rosary on the baby's cradle.